Lions Pride Rugby Shop Upgrade

In recent months the need to upgrade the Lions Pride Rugby Shop became increasingly vital and this upgrade was done to ensure a better customer experience. The upgraded version includes:

  • Stock management – All products show which items are available and in which sizes, where applicable. This prevents over-ordering by customers and the subsequent disappointment of not getting the items ordered
  • Back orders – Items that we do not have in stock but are still available from suppliers or items that will become available in the near future as shown as being available on back order. Items that have reach the end of their run will not be shown as being available on back order.
  • Invoicing and emails – Where an item ordered is on back order it will be indicated as such on the customer invoice. We will also receive separate email showing back orders and out of stocks to ensure that we order.
  • Overseas customers – We only service orders with South African delivery addresses due to problems with orders getting caught up at Customs or the Postal Service of foreign countries resulting in customers not getting their orders.